Typhoon Tembin locationPhilippines 

Typhoon Tembin affects Southeast Asian airlines

The storm killed more than 200 people in the Philippines and heads to the continent.

Typhoon Tembin is hitting the South China Sea with heavy rains and winds of up to 145 kilometers per hour (90 miles per hour). On its way through the Philippines, where the storm is known as “Vinta”, it left more than 200 dead and some 75,000 homeless, mostly in the regions of Lanao del Norte, Lanao del Sur and the Zamboanga peninsula.

Now, Typhoon Tembin is heading west and could make landfall south of Vietnam or in Thailand, which is why many Southeast Asian airlines and airports remain vigilant. Cities such as Ho Chi Minh, in Vietnam, Phnom Penh, in Cambodia, and in later days, Pattaya and Bangkok, in Thailand, could have problems with cancellations or reprogramming of flights.

It is recommended that passengers keep in contact with their respective airlines to obtain updated information on the status of flights.

Typhon Tembis

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