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Turbulence leaves injured in Etihad flight

The plane was traveling from the United Arab Emirates to Australia, some passengers and crew received minor injuries.

A Boeing 787-900 aircraft and license plate A6-BLG, belonging to Etihad Airways, suffered strong turbulence while operating flight EY-484 between the cities of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, and Brisbane, Australia, on 30 January.

When the plane was flying over Australian territory, about the town of Millmerran, 200 kilometers west of Brisbane, it passed through an area of strong turbulence and some passengers and crew suffered minor injuries to the head and neck.

The crew requested that the plane be waited by ambulances. Finally it made a safe landing about 30 minutes later, using runway 19 of the Brisbane Airport.

The passengers described the turbulence as “wild”, while the airline did not provide further details because of the incident.

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