The Swiss company Darwin Airline stops operating

The company declared itself insolvent and its certificate of operation was revoked.

The Swiss airline based in the city of Lugano, Darwin Airline SA, has stopped operating after the Federal Office of Civil Aviation of Switzerland (FOCA) revoked its certificate of operation.

The new owner, Adria Airways, assures that it is due to several unfavorable impacts in the market and that works to keep as many jobs as possible as well as with the possibility of keeping it under the existing operation certificate, thus becoming a crew service provider for pilots and flight attendants and maintenance services for both their property and for third parties.

One day before the revocation of the certificate, Darwin Airline declared itself insolvent in a cause of the financial problems it received when Ethiad Airways, owner of 33% of the shares, decided to sell them last July.

The airline has a fleet of 4 ATR 72-500 aircraft and 6 Saab 2000. Among its destinations are Lugano, Rome, Genoa, and some seasonal as Ibiza, Cagliari and Biarritz.

“Darwin Airline SA has its operating licence temporarily suspended by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation, therefore flights are currently not operating.

We are working on a solution to restart operation soon. Please check our website for updates.” said the airline in its web site.