AG-600 KunlongChina 

The largest amphibious aircraft in the world flew for the first time

The AG600 Kunlong, similar in size to a Boeing 747, made a one-hour flight at the end of December.

Designed and manufactured by China, the largest amphibious aircraft in the world made its first flight on December 24.

The aircraft has four engines with propellers, a size similar to a Boeing 747, a wingspan of 38.8 meters and a load capacity of 53.5 tons. It can fly for 12 hours and transport up to 50 people.

The AG600 Kunlong was conceived with the purpose of fighting fires and carrying out marine rescues, although China will also give it military uses that can be exploited in the disputed area of ​​the South China Sea.

The development of the plane lasted eight years and finally made its first flight departing from Zhuhai Airport, in the province of Guangdong, south of China. A large crowd attended the place to see the plane and another large audience followed it on television.

While the AG600 Kunlong is the largest amphibious aircraft in the world today, its size is smaller than that of the Spruce Goose (or Hercules H-4) of 97.54 meters in span, manufactured in the United States in 1947. Although the latter only had a flight of 26 seconds and never again took off.

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