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Targu Mures Airport expansion project: flight operations moved to Cluj Napoca

The Romanian airport will remain closed, the flights have been moved to Cluj Napoca Airport.

In November 2016, the Government of Romania began a program of improvements and expansion at the Târgu Mureș Transylvania Airport (TGM), in the Mureș county. The airport is one of the main aerial entrances to the historical region of Transylvania.

Târgu Mureș Airport serves to Mures County and the neighbouring counties of Bistrita, Alba, Harghita, Covasna and Brasov, and it is located close to the Transylvania Highway, which is currently under construction.


The airport management launches the campaign called “From Tîrgu Mureș to all over the world”, designed to increase the traffic of passengers, airlines and cargo at the airport from 2018. The works represent an investment of approximately 77 million Lei ($ 20.071.000 USD), and include:

  • Building new terminal facilities, public areas and parking places,
  • Rehabilitation of the existing runway, acquisition of a Rescue and Fire Fighting Vehicle and  setup of a Crisis Management Centre in order to comply with the international classification standards
  • Revitalization of the catchment area taking into consideration new market positioning of competing airports
  • Development of new ways of promoting the image of Transylvania International Airport in order to attract new Airline Companies, to increase the number of passengers along with launching new routes
  • Connectivity and mobility stated to “Door – to door in 4 hours” concept
  • Development of rest and entertainment areas (children playground, library, business lounge)
  • One of next years’ main project is developing CARGO facilities due the geostrategic position and closeness of European road, highway conjunction Transylvania and Moldova, railway and industrial park.


The only carrier at the Târgu Mureș airport, Wizz Air, has suspended flights starting November 2016. All flight operations have been moved to Avram Iancu Cluj International Airport (CLJ), in the city of Cluj Napoca, located 100 kilometers to the Northwest.

Wizz Air passenger coaches shall make available at no extra cost. For passengers who choose to travel on their own, Wizz Air will cover transport costs to a reasonable amount on the basis of an application.

Departures: Bus departs from Târgu Mureș Airport (TGM) to Cluj Airport (CLJ) 4 and a half hours before the scheduled flight.

Arrivals: Bus departs from Cluj Airport (CLJ) to Târgu Mureș Airport (TGM) after 1 hour of landing aircraft.

It is estimated that by the end of December 2017, Târgu Mureș Airport would be reopened.

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