Image of Air Canada aircraft over 2 airplanes on taxiway, July 7. Air Canada San Francisco Intl. Airport 

Pictured: Air Canada incident at San Francisco Airport

Today were published images of the incident caused by an Air Canada aircraft at San Francisco Airport. On Friday, July 7th, an Air Canada aircraft had an incident at the time of landing at San Francisco International Airport. The plane, which was operating the flight AC759 had permission to land on runway 28R, but the pilot inadvertently aligned the Airbus A320 with the taxiway parallel to the runway. Realizing the situation, the air traffic controller ordered the aircraft to rise and another turn, after which landed safely in the designated runway. The aircraft passed over to…

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Air Canada Airbus A320 aircraft Air Canada San Francisco Intl. Airport 

Air Canada aircraft was “close to the greatest aviation disaster in history”

Last Friday, Air Canada aircraft almost lands on crowded taxiway of San Francisco Airport. An Airbus A320 of the Air Canada flight AC759 was on its route Toronto-San Francisco. At the landing time the pilot inadvertently lined up instead for the taxiway C and not for the 28R runway. In that moment, the taxiway was occuped with other 4 aircraft full of passengers and gas awaiting permission to take off. Fortunately the pilot managed to avoid landing on the taxiway, and made a circle around to try landing again. Federal Aviation Administration is investigating…

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