Thomas Cook Airlines aircraft Thomas Cook Airlines 

Thomas Cook flight returns to Manchester after burning smell spread through the plane

A flight from Manchester to Los Angeles was diverted back, after burning smell spread through the aircraft. The Thomas Cook aircraft was operating the flight MT2824 from Manchester International Airport to Los Angeles International Airport today, when a smell of burning spread through the plane, coming from one of the ovens. For safety reasons the flight was diverted back to Manchester where the fire service boarded the aircraft as part of the safety check and the aircraft was cleared to fly again, but the crew is unable to operate the route…

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Delta Airlines Delta Air Lines 

Passenger assaults flight attendant on Delta flight

A Delta flight returned to Seattle airport on Thursday night after passenger assaults flight attendant. The flight 129 of Delta Airlines departed from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport at 5:30pm local time bound Beijing Capital International Airport on Thursday night, and after 45 minutes of flight, a man who was sitting in first class attacked the flight attendant. Passenger, of 23 years age, was restrained onboard with the help of other passengers. The pilot decided to return and call for police, fire, and medical personnel to meet the plane. The flight returned to Seattle…

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Air New Zealand aircraft Air New Zealand 

Air New Zealand flight return to Auckland after one of its pilots fell sick

A flight of Air New Zealand from Auckland to Hong Kong returned to airport when a pilot fell sick. The flight NZ87 took off from Auckland International Airport and a few minutes later, when the aircraft was over the Tasman Sea, one of the pilots fell sick. Chief pilot captain David Morgan said after consulting with doctors, the decision was made for the flight to return to Auckland. The pilot was on a scheduled rest break and was not operating the aircraft at the time. The aircraft, a Boeing 777-200 landed at Auckland airport at…

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