American Airlines aircraft American Airlines 

System failure causes problems with pilot vacations on American Airlines

The failure allowed many pilots to take vacations at the end of December and many flights are in danger. Many pilots of American Airlines will be able to take vacations in the last week of the month of December, causing shortage of personnel in one of the busiest times of the year given the large number of passenger movements for the holidays at the end of the year. The reason is attributed to an error in the system of the airline that manages the free time of pilots based on…

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Avianca aircraft Avianca 

Avianca pilots end strike of 51 days

Employees request fairer wages and reduction of working hours. On November 9 ended the strike by the pilots of the Colombian airline Avianca, which lasted 51 days, being the longest in the history of commercial aviation and affecting more than 30,000 passengers belonging to more than 10,000 canceled flights. The fundamental reasons that motivated the pilots to carry out the strike are the reduction of the working hours of 40 monthly hours and an increase of the salary by 50% to reach the values that receive pilots from other countries…

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VivaAerobus Aircraft Viva Aerobus 

VivaAerobus announces pilot recruitment next week

The Mexican low cost airline begins a pilot recruitment for its Airbus fleet. VivaAerobus will be incorporating pilots to attend the growing demand and expansion currently experienced by the airline. The required pilots will fly in the Airbus A320 aircraft of the fleet, in its ceo and neo versions. Currently VivaAerobus flies to 30 destinations in Mexico and the rest of the continent, on December 16 opens a route between Guadalajara and Los Angeles, and by 2018 hopes to add destinations such as New York-Newark and Chicago. The pilot selection will take place…

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Iberia airplanes Iberia 

Iberia seeks pilots for its new generation of aircraft

The Spanish airline opened a recruitment today. With the arrival of the new aircraft Airbus A350-900 and A320neo to the Iberia fleet, the airline is in the search for pilots. Candidates must receive adequate training for the new aircraft, which require specific and intensive training processes. The recruitment will continue during the 2018, year in which will arrive the firsts A320neo and A350-900 to the fleet. Iberia reported that the date of the first test will be on October 18, 2017. The basic requirements are: Minimum level of studies: proof of access to…

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