First flight of Ryanair to Oradea Romania Ryanair 

First flight of Ryanair arrives to Oradea

As announced weeks ago, the airport of Oradea, a city in the western Romania, will be new flights routes during 2017. One of them is the route Oradea-Girona. This flight allows Romanians to reach Spain without going through Bucharest and arrive at the airport of Girona, near the city of Barcelona. The first flight of this route took place yesterday, Sunday 26th. The Boeing 737-800 of the company Ryanair, arrived at 10:15 am to Oradea airport with 80 passengers. While his departure was at 11:05 am with 160 passengers. More news for Oradea This…

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March brings news for Romania

The month of March will be special for Romania because three cities will be connected by new flights to several destinations of Europe. The city capital of Romania, and two other cities of Transilvania like Cluj Napoca and Oradea, will have new opportunities to travel to different places of Europe thanks to the airlines Blue Air, Ryanair and Wizz Air. The management of the political local next to the airlines and the the growing market of passengers made possible the opening of new routes. Flights that start to operate during this month are as follows:…

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