Pave Hawks Military Helicopter Iraq Military Aircraft 

US military helicopter occupants die when crashing in Iraq

The tragedy happened yesterday afternoon in the west of the country, apparently because of a technical failure. All the occupants of a US military helicopter died yesterday afternoon in an accident in the Al Qaim district, near the border with Syria, in western Iraq. The aircraft HH-60 Pave Hawk led the international coalition in the anti-jihadist struggle and for an apparent technical failure crashed to the ground at 18:45 local time (15:45 GMT). The seven occupants of the military helicopter died on the site. A statement issued by the operations…

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Voom Airbus Helicopter Airbus Mexico Voom Helicopters 

Mexico releases Voom, the “Uber” of the helicopters

The capital of the North American country is the second city in the world to have the service. Airbus Helicopters created the service of helicopters on demand Voom some time ago, the service was already implemented in the Brazilian city of São Paulo, where it transported more than 3,000 passengers to date. On March 8, Voom began its operations in Mexico City, making this city the second in the world to have the service. Voom, which works similar to the service provided by Uber or Cabify in automobiles, will allow…

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Four dead in helicopter accident in Ukraine

The incident happened in the city of Kremenchuk, when the Mi-8 aircraft touched a cable of a TV tower. An MI-8 helicopter belonging to the Ukrainian Helicopters company rushed to the ground on January 25 at 7:35 pm local time, in the city of Kremenchuk, in Ukraine. The helicopter Mi-8MT and registration UR-CCM was making a training flight in that city, located 250 kilometers southeast of the capital, Kyiv, when it touched a cable that supports a television transmitter tower. When the emergency team arrived at the scene, MI-8 was…

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