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British Airways returns to operate in London

The airline British Airways returns to normal then that big bug in their computer systems caused the cancellation and delay of many flights in recent days. The situation affected 175,000 passengers, and it is estimated that losses are around 100 million euros, produced by a major computer problem, which disabled all internal communications, such as telephone service, billing and management of baggage. According to the company, flights operate normally at Heathrow and Gatwick airports on Tuesday, although there are still many cases which could not be delivered to their owners. The…

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Thousands of people affected by the collapse of the British Airways computer system

The British airline British Airways (BA) is still working to restore its computer system, dropped from yesterday Saturday, and it was not unable to retrieve the normality of the flights from London airports. “Many of our computer systems have recovered today”, reported the airline in the afternoon in a statement. The full solution still has not arrived, as admits the company itself, which says have returned to normal at Gatwick, but not at Heathrow Airport where cancelled at least 40 flights, and delays of about 30 minutes accumulate in the Gatwick…

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