Dubai Taxi Drone Drones United Arab Emirates 

Dubai began to experiment with taxi drones

The city aims to be the first in the world to have flying taxi services. Last week, the city of Dubai in conjunction with the drones German company Volocopter began tests with the new taxis-drone flights. It is a small aircraft operated with remote control, for two passengers, a ring of 18 propellers and ability to fly for 30 minutes. The aircraft also have spare batteries, rotors and parachute in case of emergency. In the first experimental flight, taxi drone carried out flights circled over the coast of Dubai at a height of 200…

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VietJet aircraft Airlines VietJet 

VietJet plans to make long haul flights

The Vietnamese airline VietJet Air are planning long-haul flights for its next phase of growth. Today, at the World Conference of routes that was held in the Spanish city of Barcelona, the low-cost airline VietJet announced its plans to incorporate long-haul flights to its offer of destinations. “We are taking a very seriously look at doing long-haul ops,” said Jay Lingeswara, deputy director at VietJet, adding that they are looking for ways to make it, whether on their own or through partnerships with other airlines. Currently the airline has code-share with Japan Airlines and is…

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Tragu Mures Airport Cluj Napoca Intl. Airport Romania Targu Mures Intl. Airport 

Targu Mures Airport expansion project: flight operations moved to Cluj Napoca

The Romanian airport will remain closed, the flights have been moved to Cluj Napoca Airport. In November 2016, the Government of Romania began a program of improvements and expansion at the Târgu Mureș Transylvania Airport (TGM), in the Mureș county. The airport is one of the main aerial entrances to the historical region of Transylvania. Târgu Mureș Airport serves to Mures County and the neighbouring counties of Bistrita, Alba, Harghita, Covasna and Brasov, and it is located close to the Transylvania Highway, which is currently under construction. OBJECTIVES FOR 2017-2022 The airport management launches the campaign…

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Qantas aircraft Qantas 

Qantas plans to fly non-stop between London and Sydney by 2022

It will be the longest route in the world, taking approximately 20 hours . The Australian airline Qantas is planning the longest air route in the world. It will be a flight between the cities of London and Sydney, in United Kingdom and Australia respectively. The journey would take around 20 hours, 3 hours faster than current time travel that involves making a scale in cities like Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai. Qantas will be working for a year with Boeing 777-x and Airbus A350 aircraft engineers to develop the technology that will allow…

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