Boeing Airplanes Boeing 

Boeing 2017: delivered 763 aircraft, more than any other manufacturer

The American manufacturer closed another successful year and released its figures. Boeing published a report with figures obtained during 2017. The manufacturer delivered 763 aircraft, beating its main rival for the sixth consecutive year. Meanwhile, the manufacturer received about 912 orders from 71 customers, valued at $ 134,8 billion dollars. The total expands Boeing’s backlog to a record 5,864 aircraft at the end of the year, equivalent to about seven years of production. Much of Boeing’s sales growth is attributed to the strong demand for 737 MAX family aircraft, including the…

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Airbus figures in 2017: 718 aircraft delivered and 1109 orders

The European manufacturer announced today the figures achieved last year. Airbus closed 2017 with very good results, being the 15th consecutive year to achieve increasing numbers. The manufacturer delivered 718 passenger aircraft to 85 customers, which is 4% higher than the 2016 figure (of 688 aircraft delivered). In terms of orders, Airbus received 1109 from 44 customers. Below are the different deliveries of Airbus aircraft during 2017: 558 aircraft A320. Of which 181 were A320neo (166% more than in 2016). 67 aircraft A330. 78 aircraft A350-900 (60% more compared to 2016). 15 aircraft A380.…

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Emirates A380 at Domodedovo Airport Emirates 

Emirates and its amazing figures of 2017

The airline based in the United Arab Emirates transported more than 59 million passengers last year. Emirates, the giant airline subsidiary of The Emirates Group, which belongs entirely to the government of Dubai, was the protagonist of surprising figures during 2017. With more than 59 million passengers, Emirates closed the year with a fleet of 269 aircraft and some 243 aircraft ordered. During 2017 it received 21 new units, 9 Airbus A380 and about 12 Boeing 777-300ER. As for destinations, the airline ended 2017 with 156 airports in 84 countries…

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Moscow-Sheremetyevo, passengers 40 million. Moscow-Sheremetyevo Intl. Airport Russia 

Moscow-Sheremetyevo Airport reaches 40 million passengers

On the last day of the year, the main airport of the Russian capital reached a record high. Every year, passenger traffic in Russia increases progressively, and today the main airport of that country reached a record number. The Moscow-Sheremetyevo International Airport (SVO) reached the 40 million passengers transported just the last day of the year, an achievement that was celebrated with a ceremony where the passengers who helped to reach that number received gifts and distinctions. In this way, the airport becomes part of the prestigious league of the largest…

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