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Ryanair launched 31 new routes last week

The low cost airline began new flights to cities in Europe and Israel as part of the winter season.

Ryanair launched 31 new routes that will be part of the options for the next winter in the northern hemisphere. The routes will be operated with its Boeing 738 aircraft and most of them will have 2 or 3 weekly frequencies.

The routes, destinations and frequencies are the following:

Launched From To Aircraft Weekly Frequencies
October 31 Brussels Charleroi (CRL) Naples (NAP) B738  3
Wroclaw (WRO) B738  3
Budapest (BUD) Naples (NAP) B738  3
Cologne Bonn (CGN) Venice Treviso (TSF) B738  2
Edinburgh (EDI) Carcassonne (CCF) B738  2
Prague (PRG) B738  3
Valencia (VLC) B738  3
Fez (FEZ) Bremen (BRE) B738  2
Frankfurt (FRA) Brindisi (BDS) B738  2
Gdansk (GDN) Wroclaw (WRO) B738  3
Krakow (KRK) Gothenburg (GOT) B738  3
Malmö (MMX) B738  3
Naples (NAP) B738  2
Tel Aviv (TLV) B738  2
Liverpool (LPL) Milan Malpensa (MXP) B738  3
Madrid (MAD) Bari (BRI) B738  3
Marrakech (RAK) Perpignan (PGF) B738  3
Nuremberg (NUE) Vilnius (VNO) B738  2
Prague (PRG) Bologna (BLQ) B738  3
Seville (SVQ) Toulouse (TLS) B738  2
Warsaw Modlin (WMI) B738  2
Stockholm Skavsta (NYO) Nis (INI) B738  2
Thessaloniki (SKG) Eindhoven (EIN) B738  2
November 1 Cologne Bonn (CGN) Vilnius (VNO) B738  2
Krakow (KRK) Athens (ATH) B738  2
Poznan (POZ) Castellon (CDT) B738  2
November 2 Billund (BLL) B738  2
Tel Aviv (TLV) B738  4
November 3 Eilat Ovda (VDA) B738  2
Wroclaw (WRO) Oslo Torp (TRF) B738  1
November 5 Poznan (POZ) B738  2

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