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Qantas plans to fly non-stop between London and Sydney by 2022

It will be the longest route in the world, taking approximately 20 hours .

The Australian airline Qantas is planning the longest air route in the world. It will be a flight between the cities of London and Sydney, in United Kingdom and Australia respectively.

The journey would take around 20 hours, 3 hours faster than current time travel that involves making a scale in cities like Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai.

Qantas will be working for a year with Boeing 777-x and Airbus A350 aircraft engineers to develop the technology that will allow a trip of this kind. It is estimated that the aircraft will have a capacity of 235 seats and more space between them.

New York-Sydney route would also be in future plans.

Remember that the longest non-stop flight is now flight 921 from Qatar Airways, which joins the cities of Auckland in New Zealand and Doha in Qatar.

Since March, Qantas will fly a Boeing 787 Dreamliner between London and the city of Perth, on the West coast of Australia. A route of 7,829 nautical miles (14,500 kilometres).

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