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Qantas flight forced to land in Sydney

A flight of Qantas from Australia to United States makes landing in Sydney after dumping fuel at sea.

The flight QF93, operated with an Airbus A380, was on the route from Melbourne to Los Angeles when emergency light came on in the cockpit about one hour after take off.

The crew was noticed the loss of engine oil, which did not force the shut down of the engine but the captain set it to idle and made the decision to return to land to have the fault inspected. For that reason, the flight was diverted to Sydney International Airport, flying circling off the coast of Sydney at least five times before tracking towards the airport and landing safe at 1 pm local time.

“The captain made the decision to land in Sydney to have the fault fixed rather than continuing on the 14-hour flight,” “Our engineers will inspect the aircraft” a Qantas spokesman said, who also said that the situation never was an emergency, but a precautionary measure.



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