Missile tests in North Korea generate concern on several airlines

Several Pacific airlines expressed concern on Tuesday about “unannounced testing.”

Missile tests carried out by North Korea are raising concerns in several airlines flying in the Pacific Ocean.

In recent weeks some ballistic missiles have flown over the Pacific Ocean and Japan’s airspace, increasing tension. The North Korean regime aims to develop a nuclear warhead that fits into a missile and thereby attack the United States.

Because many of the tests are unannounced, Andrew Herdman, CEO of the Asia Pacific Airlines Association, says there is concern and many airlines are looking at “what is the probability and the risk factor.”

Risk assessments have become more complex since a missile hit a Malaysia Airlines aircraft in 2014, while it operated the MH17 Flight over the skies of Ukraine.

Herdman also said that when the military detected the North Korean missiles, airlines flying in the Pacific had not received warnings in advance to allow them to divert their routes.