An-2 crashedRussia 

Plane falls in Nenetsia, Russia, for apparent engine failure

The aircraft Antonov An-2 crashed during takeoff last Tuesday killing 4 people.

An Antonov An-2 TVS-2MS plane crashed at Naryan-Mar Airport (NNM), in the Autonomous District of Nenetsia, Russia, on Tuesday. The aircraft left at 10:30 in the town of Naryan-Mar, 1,500 kilometers northeast of Moscow, bound for the town of Haruta with 13 people on board, but for apparent damage to the engine, it lost speed and crashed as soon as it began the takeoff.

The accident is investigated by the commission of IAC and it has been indicated to a fault in the engine of the biplane aircraft as the main cause of the tragedy.

The plane was carrying two crew members and 11 passengers, 10 adults and one child. The minor and a woman of 30 years died in the place, while the rest of the occupants were transferred to the local hospital, where hours later, two more injured died.

Because of the tragedy a criminal case was initiated under section 3 of article 263 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (violation of safety regulations for the movement and operation of air transport, which caused the death of more than two people due to negligence).

The owner of the plane, the company Naryan-Maritime Unified Air Squad, meanwhile, said that it was a new aircraft, acquired in 2015 and with only one year in activities.

Among the injured passengers are employees of the district’s Ministry of the Interior and the head of the Department of Natural Resources, Ecology and Agro-industry of Nenetsia.

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