Toronto Aircraft CrashCanada 

Panic due to aircraft crash in Toronto

A fire broke out on one of the aircraft and panic invaded the passengers, although there were no injuries.

Two planes crashed at Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ), Canada, during Friday night, causing moments of panic although they did not register for injuries.

A plane belonging to Sunwing without occupants, that was being towed, hit against a Boeing 737-800 of WestJet that at that moment arrived coming from the Mexican city of Cancun, operating the flight WS2425.

Some 168 passengers and 6 crew were on board the latter, and those who suffered moments of panic when a fire start broke out due to a fuel spill from the impact.

The passengers were evacuated using emergency ramps, aided by the crew and airport staff. Although the -20ºC of temperature, and a thermal sensation of -30ºC because of the wind, made the tasks difficult.

“A Sunwing aircraft, under tow by our ground handling service provider, came into contact with another aircraft. There were no Sunwing crew or passengers onboard at the time of the incident.” Said the airline Sunwing in a statement.

Meanwhile, WestJet reported: “Emergency crews were on hand and responded immediately”, and it added “We can confirm guests are safely in the terminal and they are in the process of clearing customs”.

The moment was captured by some passengers, who uploaded videos and photographs to social networks.

Here we see the video of Stephen Belford (, who was on board the WestJet plane at the time of the fire.

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