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Norwegian would fly from Buenos Aires to Singapore through Antarctica

The airline intends to make the long-haul route with Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft, making a stopover in Perth.

Norwegian Air Argentina is the new subsidiary of the low cost airline that will begin operations in the South American country by the middle of this year.

The Buenos Aires-Perth-Singapore route is one of many that the company intends to carry out. A few months ago it obtained the authorization from the authorities of Argentina and in recent days also the authorization from Australia.

Now, the aeronautical authorities of Singapore are analyzing the request to operate the final stretch Perth-Singapore.

The flight between Buenos Aires and Perth would take just under 15 hours and would position the Australian city as a strategic point for travelers connecting Asia or Oceania with South America.

Given that the distance between the Argentine capital and Singapore is greater than the aircraft that the airline intends to use, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, the Perth scale will also include refueling.

If Norwegian Air Argentina gets approval for the section between Australia and Singapore, it would be competing in that section with China Southern, Singapore Airlines and Qantas.

The route would overfly Antarctica in part, although depending on numerous factors such as winds, flights could be made over the Indian and Pacific Oceans near the coast of the white continent, as shown in the image.

Norwegian Air Argentina. Buenos Aires-Perth route
The route could fly over part of Antarctica or the oceans near its coasts.

A flight of such characteristics requires extra demands on equipment and training of the crew: Equipment to monitor a possible freezing of the fuel, with coverage in those remote areas to establish communications, or suits to withstand extreme temperatures, are necessary in a route as planned by Norwegian.

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