Moscow-Sheremetyevo, passengers 40 million.Moscow-Sheremetyevo Intl. Airport Russia 

Moscow-Sheremetyevo Airport reaches 40 million passengers

On the last day of the year, the main airport of the Russian capital reached a record high.

Every year, passenger traffic in Russia increases progressively, and today the main airport of that country reached a record number.

The Moscow-Sheremetyevo International Airport (SVO) reached the 40 million passengers transported just the last day of the year, an achievement that was celebrated with a ceremony where the passengers who helped to reach that number received gifts and distinctions.

In this way, the airport becomes part of the prestigious league of the largest airports in the world by passenger traffic, according to the press service of the same.

In 2016 some 34,030,000 passengers passed through Moscow-Sheremetyevo, and thanks to the increase in flights and offers of destinations, the figure closes this year exceeding the barrier of 40 million.

The celebration for the record reached took place in the registration area of terminal D, where airport authorities and Aeroflot, airline that has its base in Sheremetyevo, delivered gifts to passengers who set the record. It is a family composed of Alexei Chebyshev, a former Navy officer and now manager in the wholesale trade, his wife Margarita and his daughters Agnes and Agathia. They reside near the airport, in the city of Khimki and are frequent travelers, and at that time they embarked on the flight SU 1790 of Aeroflot that departed at 13:25 to Kaliningrad, where they will spend the new year with family.

Sheremetyevo, celebration of 40 million passengers.

The family received among the gifts, cards of free access to commercial rooms for a year, fidelity cards and memories of Sheremetyevo, by the airport. Meanwhile, Aeroflot gave them free flights to any part of the world where the airline flies.

Mikhail Vasilenko, CEO of Sheremetyevo Airport, said: “We are doing everything possible to ensure that the stay at our airport is comfortable and leave pleasant memories. Congratulations to all passengers in the next new year, I want to wish you happiness, health, luck and wonderful new trips.”

Meanwhile, the Sheremetyevo Airport took the opportunity to comment curious data on the last day of the year: They expect to serve 94,000 passengers during the day of December 31. The last flights of the year will be the OK 905 of Czech Airlines that leaves at 23:10 for Prague, while the SU 1141 of Aeroflot, coming from Sochi, will arrive at Sheremetyevo at 23:45. The first flight of 2018 will be Air France’s AF 1144 arriving from Paris at 00:40, while KLM’s KL 900 flight takes off bound Amsterdam at 05:30.

Moscow, a big city with four airports

Moscow is gaining more and more place in the group of global cities, with 17.100.000 inhabitants in the city and its metropolitan area, has three large and busy airports that speak of its great connectivity with the major cities of the world. In 2016, a fourth international airport was added. Here we review them all:

  • Sheremetyevo (SVO), protagonist of this article and principal of the Russian capital. Located 29 kilometers (18 miles) northwest of downtown Moscow. The airlines Aeroflot, Norwind Airlines/Pegas Fly, RoyalFlight, RusLine and since March 2018, Ural Airlines are based here. The airport has two runways and received expansion works considering the traffic it will receive for the 2018 FIFA World Cup and in years to come. In 2016, 34,030,000 passengers passed through its facilities.

Sheremetyevo Airport

  • Domodedovo (DME), second airport of Russia in passenger traffic. It is located 42 kilometers (26 miles) to the south-southeast of the center of Moscow. It is base for the airlines Azur Air, Komiaviatrans, Nordavia, NordStar, Nordwind Airlines, Saratov Airlines and Yamal Airlines. It has three runways and some 28,500,000 passengers used its facilities in 2016.

Domodedovo Airport

  • Vnukovo (VKO), third busiest airport in Moscow. Located 28 kilometers (17 miles) to the southwest of downtown. The airlines Gazpromavia, I-Fly, Pobeda, Rossiya and Utair are based at this airport. Vnukovo has two runways and in 2016 some 13,947,000 passengers passed through it.

Vnukovo Airport

  • Zhukovski (ZIA), the newest of all, inaugurated on May 30, 2016, and the only one of the Russian capital that belongs to foreign investors. It is located 32 kilometers (20 miles) southeast of downtown Moscow. The airport has two runways and 43,880 passengers used it in 2016.

Zhukovsky Airport

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