The airplane on fires, SavannahMilitary Aircraft United States 

Military plane falls on a highway, in the United States

The aircraft was carrying five crew members and was on a training mission.

A Lockheed WC-130 aircraft of the US Air National Guard fell today afternoon after taking off from Savannah Airport (SAV), in the state of Georgia, United States.

Although no details have been specified about the accident, it is known that the aircraft was carrying 5 crew members on board, who were on a training mission.

The plane crashed ashore on State Highway 21 in the suburb of Port Wentworth. As a result of the accident, the Lockheed WC-130 was devoured by the flames.

Firefighters and rescue teams from Savannah are working on the site. The road where the plane impacted is closed.

The state of health of the five crew members and the causes of the accident are still unknown.

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