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Lufthansa presents its new livery

In two presentations held yesterday in Germany, the airline released its new image.

The aircraft of the German airline Lufthansa will have a new image. In two events held on February 7, in the cities of Frankfurt and Munich, the airline presented the new livery that will carry their aircraft.

Lufthansa showed two aircraft, a Boeing 747-8 and an Airbus A321 with the new design, which mostly got a positive response from the public and on social networks.

Lufthansa new livery

A feature highlighted by many people, is the lack of the typical yellow color that will no longer be in the aircraft, but will be present in the boarding passes and Lufthansa counters, serving as a means of orientation and differentiation.

Lufthansa logo

Carsten Spohr, Chairman of the Executive Board of Deutsche Lufthansa AG, said: “Lufthansa has changed and is more modern and successful than ever. From now on, this will also be visible to the public through a new design”…“The crane has always been with us and clearly stands for the promising performance from Lufthansa. To this day, it still stands as a symbol of highest quality, excellent service, flying expertise, reliability, innovative spirit; and it stands for trust.”

Lufthansa livery crane

The crane, designed exactly 100 years ago by the graphic artist Otto Firle, a distinctive icon in the sky, remains the iconic symbol of the airline. In the future, it will be thinner and fit for the digital world. A thinner ring makes the crane look more elegant, putting it in the foreground and giving it more space. All in all, the brand will gain lightness and elegance. The well-known Lufthansa blue-yellow color combination will also be preserved, but the use of these primary colors will be redefined. The blue specially developed for Lufthansa is something darker, more elegant and is becoming the leading brand color. It means reliability, clarity and courage.

The Lufthansa aircraft will gradually receive the livery change. The new image comes almost 30 years after the launch of the current one. The process included more than 800 designs and own color developments in the laboratory. According to the claim of the airline to be premium, the blue color of the new livery will dominate the sky and the airports of the world for the next decades.

Lufthansa crew design

Passengers will find the new design also in the cabin: the crew uniform will have new, especially yellow, accessories. Lufthansa plans to exchange 160 million items in the next two years that will include the new design, such as tableware, courtesy items, blankets and pillow cases.

Lufthansa Airport signs

Lufthansa stressed that the new design was designed to meet the requirements of the current digital world and the future, which is why some features such as the font have been designed to be easy to read on mobile devices or smartwatches.Lufthansa new image in smartphones and computers

Along with the launch of the new image, Lufthansa starts a new brand campaign, called #SayYesToTheWorld, which aims to open the world to explorers, questioning familiar ways of thinking and acting, transmitting empathy to each user, in a atmosphere of style, ambition and quality.

Lufthansa Schedule


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