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Lufthansa buys part of Air Berlin for 210 million euros

The German airline acquired 81 aircraft and will take 3,000 employees.

Lufthansa has finally bought part of Air Berlin, the German airline that went bankrupt and will stop operating on October 28. The purchase amount is about 210 million euros.

In this way, Lufthansa will take care of the low-cost airline dedicated to leisure travel Niki of Air Berlin, its regional airline LG Walter and about 20 additional aircraft.
Lufthansa Chief Executive Carsten Spohr anticipated that Lufthansa would buy 81 of the 144 Air Berlin aircraft, in addition to taking around 3,000 company employees. Spohr recently told the Rheinische Post that Lufthansa will invest up to € 1.5 billion in Air Berlin as part of its acquisition of assets.

The sale needs final approval by creditors and antitrust authorities of the European Union.

Air Berlin is also negociating with British low-cost airline EasyJet and would soon be reaching an agreement.

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