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Level began its flights

The new low cost airline of IAG (International Airlines Group), began its flights this month.

Level began 2 of its 4 flights: Barcelona-Los Ángeles and Barcelona-San Francisco begun on June 01, and June 02 respectively.

The flight Barcelona (BCN)Los Ángeles (LAX), was operated by an Airbus A330-200 EC-MOU, that departed with its 314 seats (28 Tourist Premium and 286 Tourist) occupied. On June 2, it inaugurated its flight to the city of San Francisco, which lands at the Oakland International Airport (OAK).

The others two new routes of the airline are Buenos Aires (EZE) that begins on June 17, and Punta Cana (PUJ) starting the day 21 of this month.

With 135.000 tickets sold out, Level has achieved the largest volume of reservations before its first flight than any other low-cost, significant success for an airline that plans to introduce other 3 Airbus A330 during 2018.

The next destinations that will incorporate the company are not yet known with certainty, although between their plans there is the possibility of establishing bases of operations in Rome and Paris.

Eater baptism of first flight of Level, in Barcelona Airport.

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