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IAG will buy Niki for 36 million euros

International Airlines Group reported in Vienna that it will acquire the Austrian airline.

Yesterday, January 2, it was announced that IAG (International Airlines Group) will buy the airline Niki, after the latter declared bankruptcy last December.

The IAG group, which also owns airlines such as British Airways, Vueling and Iberia, was the only one that maintained its offer for the acquisition of Niki.

In this way, IAG will disburse some 20 million euros for Niki’s assets, which include 15 Airbus A320 aircraft and numerous airport slots in the cities of Vienna, Düsseldorf, Munich, Palmade Mallorca and Zurich.

Subsequently, IAG will also invest some 16.5 million euros in capital with the aim of strengthening Niki’s liquidity, which will be incorporated into the group as a subsidiary.

The transaction will be carried out through IAG’s low-cost airline, Vueling, and some 740 employees will be maintained.

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