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First months of United States-Cuba flights

Since the initiative of Obama with the formalization of diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba, there was the reopening of the air services between both countries. Many services have been announced, but seven months after the capacity has declined because the airlines reduced their frequencies.

Among the possible causes, could be that the market was not at the height of the expectations, either adding too much capacity, too fast. Whatever the cause, it is difficult to assess the demand in a market that has been closed for years. Despite this, connectivity in the capital and the large ethnic flows are popular and have established markets potentials.

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Since August, Public Service Charters and the service of American Airlines to Holguin accounted for the entire market. American, added 26,000 one way seats in September from a ground zero in August. Although the capacity increased significantly in December: others airlines like Southwest, Spirit, Delta Air Lines, and Frontier began to provide services to Cuba, while JetBlue tripled its capacity, reaching between them to 160.648 one-way seats.

United States and Cuba flights market

Flights between the United States and Cuba, despite demand, airlines have made reductions in capacity, leaving the capacity in 135,000 seats approximately, 20% less than at the peak, in the month of January.

For the rest of the year, the situation appears that it will not present any further reduction. Flights between the United States and Cuba and their market are part of the network of the most important Airlines in North America.

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