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Emirates and Etihad ensured that their flights will not be affected

Emirates, Etihad, Egypt Air, Saudi Arabian Airlines and other Gulf carriers have announced they will no longer fly in and out of Qatar after Saudi Arabia and 6 other Arab states like United Arabian Emirates and Bahrain cut air, sea and land links to the increasingly isolated nation.

The conflict affected the Doha’s air traffic and other important cities of the Gulf like Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Although people of Emirates said that there would be “no impacts” to the airline’s other routes, such as those that connect Australia with Europe and Asia via Dubai. Passengers bound for Doha from Dubai will receive a refund of the ticket or will be redirected from other destinations of the Emirates network.

Meanwhile, responsible of Etihad assured that the flights to other destinations except Doha will not be affected.

Image of Flight radar over Qatar


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