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Emirates and its amazing figures of 2017

The airline based in the United Arab Emirates transported more than 59 million passengers last year.

Emirates, the giant airline subsidiary of The Emirates Group, which belongs entirely to the government of Dubai, was the protagonist of surprising figures during 2017.

With more than 59 million passengers, Emirates closed the year with a fleet of 269 aircraft and some 243 aircraft ordered. During 2017 it received 21 new units, 9 Airbus A380 and about 12 Boeing 777-300ER.

As for destinations, the airline ended 2017 with 156 airports in 84 countries forming part of its extensive network. The new ones of the year were New York-Newark (United States), which began on March 12, Zagreb (Croatia), which started on June 1, and Phnom Penh (Cambodia) that joined the Emirates network on the 1st of July.

In addition, the airline highlighted the sum of new routes served by the Airbus A380: During 2017, Nice (France), Tokyo Narita (Japan), São Paulo (Brazil), Casablanca (Morocco) and Johannesburg (South Africa) were lucky to join to the list of destinations where the largest passenger plane in the world flies.

Emirates also announced some other figures, such as the 9.5 million kits of amenities distributed among its passengers, the more than 4 million toys delivered, the 63 million meals served or the 10 million passengers who used the Wifi to board.

  • March 26. Start of three new routes operated with the Airbus A380 in the same day: São Paulo, Casablanca and Tokyo Narita.
  • April 10. Emirates is named the Best Airline in the World, in the Tripadvisor Traveler’s Choice Awards for airlines in 2017.
  • July 17. Emirates signs an extensive partnership agreement with Flydubai.
  • August 1. Launch of renewed lounges on board in some aircraft.
  • October 15. Investment of 15 million dollars in campaign with the objective of promoting Dubai and encourage travel.
  • November 12. Emirates invests 15.100 million dollars in an order for 40 Boeing 787 Dreamliners. Also on the same day the airline reveals the new cabins in the Boeing 777 fleet.
  • November 13. The Emirates Flight Training Academy is officially inaugurated.

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