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Dubai began to experiment with taxi drones

The city aims to be the first in the world to have flying taxi services.

Last week, the city of Dubai in conjunction with the drones German company Volocopter began tests with the new taxis-drone flights.

It is a small aircraft operated with remote control, for two passengers, a ring of 18 propellers and ability to fly for 30 minutes. The aircraft also have spare batteries, rotors and parachute in case of emergency.

In the first experimental flight, taxi drone carried out flights circled over the coast of Dubai at a height of 200 metres, the unit had no occupants and was witnessed by the Dubai Crown Prince, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed.

When Dubai implement the service, the drone can be requested via an application installed on the Smartphone, and move to the nearest Voloport. The CEO of Volocopter, Florian Reuter said: “The Volocopter would come, it would pick up you autonomously and would lead you to your destination.”

This idea already has several competitors: Airbus, Kitty Hawk or Uber also are working on similar projects to provide transport without driver and vehicles that can fly short distances.

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