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The Delta Boeing 747 made its last regular flight

The plane flew last December 19 between Seoul and Detroit, putting an end to an era.

A few weeks ago, Delta Air Lines reported about the last flights of the Boeing 747. Finally, the farewell flight of the Queen of the Skies took place yesterday, which was operated between the cities of Seoul, South Korea, and Detroit, United States.

The flight was delayed one day due to the impossibility of Delta to provide a full crew of four pilots to do it.

In the coming days, Delta’s Boeing 747 will tour the United States with airline employees, flying from Detroit to Seattle, from Seattle to Atlanta, and then from Atlanta to Minneapolis-St. Paul. After the tour it will make flights with sports teams and some “ad hoc” charter. At the beginning of January 2018, it will fly to its retirement in the state of Arizona.

The Delta Boeing 747 aircraft will be replaced by Airbus A350 and Boeing 787, which offer better performance, greater efficiency and versatility, at a lower cost.

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