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Delta Air Lines stops flying with Boeing 747 aircraft this month

The last jumbo flights will be between December 15 and 17.

Delta Air Lines has already set the date for the last flights operated with Boeing 747-400 aircraft. On December 15, the Queen of the Skies will depart from Detroit heading to Seoul and on the 17th it will make the reverse journey on its last regular flight for the company.

The Boeing 747 is being gradually phased out on US and world airlines, United operated the last flight with one of them on November 7.

The program of the last flights of the Boeing 747 for Delta is the following:

  • December 15: DL159  Departs Detroit (DTW) at 12:31 local time and arrives Seúl (ICN) 16:30 (+1).
  • December 17: DL158  Departs Seúl (ICN) at 11:15 local time and arrives Detroit (DTW) 10:14.

After the last flights, Delta will hold a special farewell tour, including the following airports: Paine Field, Everett, on December 18; Seattle-Tacoma and Los Angeles, on December 20.

Delta Air Lines also announced that it would also operate other flights with the Boeing 747-400 within the United States on the following routes: Detroit-Seattle, on December 18; Seattle-Atlanta, 19, and Atlantis-Minneapolis St. Paul, on the 20th of this month. The purpose is the farewell of the Boeing 747-400 for representatives and employees of Delta.



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