Paris snow France 

Delays and cancellations in Paris due to snow

The snowstorm started at night and is causing problems in the French capital. During the last night a heavy snowstorm broke out in the city of Paris, France. The precipitation continued during today, causing problems of cancellations and delays in some flights, at the airports of Paris-Charles de Gaulle (CDG) and Paris-Orly (ORY). Some roads, such as those that access airports, have been disrupted by heavy snow. It is recommended that passengers with flights to or from the French capital keep in contact with their respective airlines to obtain updated information…

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Paris city France 

Cancellations are expected by strike of French air traffic controllers

The strike will take place between Wednesday and Friday. The strike began at 18:00 on Wednesday, November 15, local time, and will continue until 05:00 on Friday, November 17th. The reason for the strike is to protest against the changes of President Emmanuel Macron to the labor laws of the country. Airlines have warned that flights to and from France, and those traveling through French airspace, could be affected. The low cost airline Ryanair reported that it has canceled a small number of flights.”We regret to advise customers that due to…

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Paris airport, delays because air controllers strike France 

French air traffic controllers strike causes delays on flights

The unions of french Air Controllers UNSA-ICNA have summoned to a strike between those days 6 of March and the Friday 10. Many flights will be affected by the strike. The day Monday the company Vueling for example, has canceled 24 flights. Thus, the French civil aviation has also requested airlines to reduce by 25% the operational total on its way through the French space to avoid delays and negative effects.

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