Bali Denpasar Airport Indonesia 

Denpasar airport returns to operate

The ash cloud is directed to the south-southeast of the island of Bali. Located on the island of Bali, Indonesia, the Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS) in Denpasar city has returned to operate earlier than expected thanks to the ashes of the Agung volcano that have moved south-southeast of the island. The problems began on Saturday night when flight cancellations began, after the Agung volcano released a cloud of ash over 4,000 meters high. At 15:00 local time today, November 29, the airport began again to provide service. The airline Singapore…

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Agung volcano Indonesia 

Many flights cancelled in Indonesia due to eruption of the Agung volcano

There are more than 2000 passengers stranded on the island of Bali. The Agung or Gunung Agung is a volcano located on the island of Bali, in Indonesia. Last Saturday was the protagonist of a large eruption that threw ashes to more than 4,000 meters of height, which is why many flights were canceled. On Saturday night, more than 20 flights were canceled, most originating in Australia, while today the airline AirAsia had to cancel 32 flights that have as origin or destination the islands of Bali and Lombok. For…

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