Malaysia Airlines 

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: New evidence suggests three places search

A scientific analysis released on Wednesday proposed three sites of search. The Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 departed from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8, 2014. with 239 people on board, and it disappeared over the Indian Ocean without a trace. Since the disappearance, searches have been made in the ocean in an area of 46000 square miles, assuming a cost of $160 million dollars. In January, the Governments of Australia, China and Malaysia decided to suspend the search under water until to have best evidence about a possible location of the wreckage…

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Malaysia Airlines passenger arrested Malaysia Airlines 

Alleged terrorist in Malaysia Airlines flight

A suspected terrorist tried to enter the cockpit of a Malaysia Airlines aircraft, last Thursday. Flight MH128 took off from Melbourne bound for Kuala Lumpur, when a passenger tried to force into the cockpit, with an object described by passengers as “huge, unusual, black, metallic, strange thing… size of a watermelon.” Man recently released from psychiatric care, was captured by passengers and then was arrested. Malaysia Airlines confirmed the flight MH128, was forced to turn back to Melbourne due to a “disruptive passenger.” “An investigation led by Australian authorities is currently…

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