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Japan Airlines and Aeromexico sign a codeshare agreement

The two airlines signed today an agreement to improve tourism and economic ties. The Japanese airline Japan Airlines and the Mexican Aeromexico from today have a codeshare agreement. The same applies to flights between the cities of Tokyo and Mexico that Aeromexico is already operating, as well as stops between Japan and Mexico and other destinations in Asia. Compact was motivated largely by the growth of Japanese companies in Mexico, primarily automotive, as well as tourism trips. In 2006, Aeromexico launched its flights to Tokyo via Tijuana with two weekly frequencies, being…

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Japan Airlines aircraft Japan Airlines 

Japan Airlines aircraft makes emergency landing at Tokyo Airport

The aircraft took off bound for New York, but due back after a bird strike. A Japan Airlines airplane departed from Tokyo Haneda International Airport (HND) with destination to the city of New York, in the United States. The aircraft departed with 248 people aboard, 233 of whom were passengers, and a few minutes of flight, some of them heard a strange noise. Later the left engine started to catch fire. The plane landed at the same airport safely a few moments later. Authorities are investigating the incident that apparently was…

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