Delta Boeing 747 aircraft Boeing Delta Air Lines 

The Delta Boeing 747 made its last regular flight

The plane flew last December 19 between Seoul and Detroit, putting an end to an era. A few weeks ago, Delta Air Lines reported about the last flights of the Boeing 747. Finally, the farewell flight of the Queen of the Skies took place yesterday, which was operated between the cities of Seoul, South Korea, and Detroit, United States. The flight was delayed one day due to the impossibility of Delta to provide a full crew of four pilots to do it. In the coming days, Delta’s Boeing 747 will tour…

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Atlanta Airport snow storm Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport Delta Air Lines 

Delta Air Lines canceled more than 1000 flights in Atlanta due to snow storm

The situation begins to normalize slowly at the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. Delta Air Lines had to cancel more than 1000 flights between yesterday Friday and today because of the heavy snow storm that affected air operations in the state of Georgia, in the United States. Delta has its base at the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (ATL) in the city of Atlanta, that is why it was the most affected by the climate problem. The company encouraged its passengers, as far as possible, to delay their trip explaining that the changes would not entail…

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Delta Air Lines Boeing 747-400 aircraft Delta Air Lines 

Delta Air Lines stops flying with Boeing 747 aircraft this month

The last jumbo flights will be between December 15 and 17. Delta Air Lines has already set the date for the last flights operated with Boeing 747-400 aircraft. On December 15, the Queen of the Skies will depart from Detroit heading to Seoul and on the 17th it will make the reverse journey on its last regular flight for the company. The Boeing 747 is being gradually phased out on US and world airlines, United operated the last flight with one of them on November 7. The program of the last flights of the Boeing…

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Last flight of Delta, aircraft with flags Airlines Delta Air Lines Venezuela 

Delta Air Lines ended its flights to Venezuela

Delta joins the nine airlines that ceased to fly to the South American country. The last Saturday, September 16, Delta Air Lines made his last flight between the United States and Venezuela. The airline had already communicated in July the intention of stop flying because of unstable market conditions, ending its route Atlanta-Caracas. With flags and posters with the phrase “Freedom is the origin of the soul. We hope to return”, the last flight between Maiquetía Simón Bolívar International Airport (CCS) and Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) was dismissed on Saturday. In this way,…

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