Avianca Argentina ATR 72 600 aircraft Argentina Avianca 

Avianca Argentina begins its operations

The airline begins with flights between Buenos Aires and Rosario using ATR 72 600 aircraft. Avianca Argentina launches its first regular flight today in the South American country. The airline had planned to start operations in July, but it still had to finish implementing its sales and general operations system, which is why its start was postponed. Finally Avianca will begin to fly in Argentina using its new ATR 72 600 turboprop aircraft with capacity for 72 passengers. The first route links the Buenos Aires-Aeroparque Airport (AEP) with the Rosario…

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Avianca aircraft Avianca 

Avianca pilots end strike of 51 days

Employees request fairer wages and reduction of working hours. On November 9 ended the strike by the pilots of the Colombian airline Avianca, which lasted 51 days, being the longest in the history of commercial aviation and affecting more than 30,000 passengers belonging to more than 10,000 canceled flights. The fundamental reasons that motivated the pilots to carry out the strike are the reduction of the working hours of 40 monthly hours and an increase of the salary by 50% to reach the values that receive pilots from other countries…

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Avianca Aircraft Avianca Venezuela 

Avianca suspends flights in Venezuela in August

The Colombian airline will not fly to or from Venezuela, since August 16. Avianca published a statement ensuring the suspension of operations in Venezuela due to the need to “improve the airport infrastructure of Venezuela and ensure the consistency of operations”. Wednesday, August 16th, the airline will operate the last flights on the routes Bogotá-Caracas-Bogotá and Lima-Caracas-Lima. Sales of tickets for dates after August 16 have been suspended, while that passengers with flights after that day will receive a refund of 100% of the money. “We regret having to come to this difficult…

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Avianca Argentina aircraft Argentina Avianca 

Avianca Argentina postponed its first flight

Avianca Argentina has postponed the start of its operations, planned for today. In late May, the new airline Avianca Argentina announced the start of its flights in Argentina, planned for today July 11th. Although the first flight won’t happen today and was postponed, due to the airline not finished implementing its management system that allows you to, among other things, the marketing of tickets and general operations. The first flight will operate the route Buenos Aires-Reconquista with an aircraft ATR72, but the date is still unknown.

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