Airbus Beluga XL Airbus Cargo Aircraft 

Airbus presented the first Beluga XL fully assembled

The aircraft of the European manufacturer is part of the new generation of special freighters. On January 4, the first Beluga XL aircraft fully assembled left its hangar in the city of Toulouse, France. The Beluga is still being manufactured by Airbus and belongs to the new generation of special cargo aircraft, which will be used to transport aircraft fuselages to the final assembly lines in Germany, France and Spain. In the month of July, we advanced in our article the manufacturing process of the huge Beluga XL, which in…

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Antonov aacident Africa Cargo Aircraft Ivory Coast 

Antonov plane crashes into the Atlantic, four dead

An Antonov freighter belonging to Valan International Cargo Charter crashed yesterday in Ivory Coast. When it was about to land, an Antonov 26 cargo plane belonging to the Moldovan airline Valan International Cargo Charter hit the Atlantic Ocean near Abidjan, the capital of Ivory Coast. The weather conditions at the time of landing would have been the cause of the tragedy, strong winds, torrential rains and a thunderstorm caused the plane to hit the waters after an attempt of  a go-around. The Antonov crashed 650 meters from the runway threshold of…

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Beluga XL under construction Airbus Cargo Aircraft 

Advancing the construction of the first Beluga XL

The new Airbus Beluga XL, that began to be built by the end of 2016, takes form in the facilities of Toulouse. On April 12, Aernnova delivered in Toulouse, France, three pannels that will form part of the rear section of the fuselage. On May 30, Stelia Aerospace delivered the section of the cockpit, and in last days, delivered also the first section of the new upper fuselage, with dimensions of 8 meters in length, diameter 9 and 8 in height, with a weight of 2.1 tons. This piece, due to its large size, was…

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