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Cancellations are expected by strike of French air traffic controllers

The strike will take place between Wednesday and Friday.

The strike began at 18:00 on Wednesday, November 15, local time, and will continue until 05:00 on Friday, November 17th. The reason for the strike is to protest against the changes of President Emmanuel Macron to the labor laws of the country.

Airlines have warned that flights to and from France, and those traveling through French airspace, could be affected.

The low cost airline Ryanair reported that it has canceled a small number of flights.”We regret to advise customers that due to an air traffic control strike in France on 16th Nov, we have been forced to cancel a small number of flights. Customers will be updated on their flight status via email and/or the mobile phone number provided at time of booking. Ryanair sincerely apologises for any inconvenience caused by these unjustified ATC disruptions which are entirely outside of our control.”, published the airline on its website.

EasyJet, for its part, said it will continue with all scheduled flights, although there may be some delays during Thursday. The airline requested its passengers to arrive at the airports with extra time and to have possible transportation alternatives in mind.

Jet2com informed its clients that, although it does not know what impact the strike may have on their flights, they will depart at scheduled times.

The situation will also affect Air France flights that await some cancellations. In fact, the airline encounters problems on more distant routes, such as the one between Los Angeles and Papeete, in French Polynesia. Air France flight attendants based in Tahiti have been on strike for several days and the airline has had to fly the Tahiti-Los Angeles route without passengers on two occasions. For today’s flight, Air France had to lease an Air Tahiti Nui plane in order to get the passengers stranded in Polynesia. If the Tahiti strike continues, the airline could be forced to suspend the flight to the island.

Meanwhile, all airlines flying over the country’s airspace advise passengers to keep in contact to obtain updated information on the status of their flights, or to make changes or refunds.

The air controllers strike could also affect airports outside France, as some rely on air traffic controllers located at French airports. One example is the Karlsruhe / Baden-Bade International Airport (FKB) which is located in Germany but due to its proximity to the French border it depends on the control at the Strasbourg Airport.

The reform of Macron’s labor code, which limits payments for dismissal and makes it easier to hire and fire workers, points to a slow economy and drastically reduces the 9.8% unemployment rate.

But the unions say that the book of the rules of biblical work in France, the 3,500-page Labor Code, has been defended for generations, and they will not see it trimmed without fighting.

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