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Boeing profits tripled the first half of the year

The net profit for the first half reached 3,212 million dollars, tripling the same period in 2016.

The Boeing Company has announced the profits during the first half of 2017, showing solid results: 3,212 million was net profit, tripling the result for the same period of the previous year. The turnover was 43.715 million dollars, marking a decrease of 7.7 percent; While gross operating profit reached 4.428 million dollars.

Revenues in USD during the first half of 2017 in each of the divisions of Boeing have been the following:

  • Commercial Airplanes: 30.018 millions  (31.885 in 2016).
  • Military Airplanes: 5.540 millions  (6.338 in 2016).
  • Network and Space Systems: 3.238 millions  (3.545 between January and June, 2016).
  • Global Services and Supports: 4.640 millions  (4.947 in 2016).

The figures show a slight decrease in the revenue of the company.

Deliveries of commercial aircraft from Boeing during the last six months have been 352, while in the same period in 2016 were 375.

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