Landing moment in Salzburg, wing near ground.Germany 

A Boeing 737-800 should have aborted a landing due to strong crosswinds

The plane of Enter Air made a charter flight and almost hit the ground with the wing at the time of landing in Salzburg.

On October 29 numerous storms broke out on the European continent, some of them with dangerous winds that hampered air activities.

A Boeing 737-800 and registration SP-ESA belonging to the airline Enter Air operated the flight E4503 from the Frankfurt Airport (FRA), in Germany, to the Salzburg Airport (SZG), in Austria. Due to strong cross winds that reached speeds of up to 50 miles per hour (80 kilometers per hour) at the time of landing, the aircraft had to abort it.

The wind caused the plane to lean very far to the right when trying to land, being one step away from touching the ground with the wing and causing an accident.

The pilots counteracted the turn of the plane and canceled the landing, made a “go around” and after 70 minutes of travel and under the close coordination of air traffic controllers, the plane finally landed without problems in Frankfurt.

The video shown below comes from Österreich News and shows the plane at the time of the failed landing.

Mat Hog, a passenger aboard the aircraft, recorded on video the critical moment from the point of view of the passengers.

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