Airports closed and cancellations by hurricane Irma

Hurricane nears the West Indies with winds of up to 295 kilometers per hour.

Today Tuesday, there have been some cancellations and changes due to the Hurricane Irma in the region North of the Lesser Antilles: British Airways canceled its flight from United Kingdom to Puerto Rico and the flight from Puerto Rico to Tobago via Antigua. A British flight was sent to Antigua to pick up the passengers early in the morning. American Airlines canceled its scheduled flights to the islands of St. Martin and St. Kitts.

Virgin has also made some modifications to its schedule of flights. We may need to make some changes or cancellations,” said a spokesman of Virgin dijo un portavoz de Virgin, and he urged customers to check with the airline before travel.

Antigua airport closed

During the Wednesday, the V. C. Bird International Airport (ANU), in the Antigua Island will be closed.

“The safety of our customers and crew is always our priority,” said British Airways in a statement. “We have offered all customers due to travel to the region in the coming days a range of re-booking options and are keeping our flights to the entire region under review.”

San Juan airport

The airport of the capital city of Puerto Rico, Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (SJU), cancelled 85 flights for Wednesday, 40% of its services.

Saint Martin Island

The Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM) will be closed permanecerá cerrado all activities from Tuesday at 2 pm local time. In a statement, the airport authorities requested keep in contact with the airlines. Airport staff will be attentive to the advance of Hurricane Irma and keeping informed employees and passengers.

The L’Espérance Airport (SFG) also will be closed.