The airport of Vilnius, in Lithuania, will be closed for runway reconstruction

Vilnius International Airport will be closed from July 14th (at 00:00) to August 17th (at 23:59)

Due to reconstruction of the runway, with a estimated price of works of EUR 25 million, the Vilnius Airport (VNO), the main airport in Lithuania will be closed during a month.
The airlines with flights to Vilnius will redirect their flights to Kaunas International Airport (KUN), in the city of
Kaunas, to 100 kilometers and 1:30 hours by shuttle bus from Vilnius.

Several factors influenced the dates chosen for the runway’s reconstruction project, including the need to perform the work in warmer temperatures with as little precipitation as possible. Preparatory work for the project has already begun and completion work will continue until the end of October without affecting flights.

The Kaunas Airport is preparing for increased traffic by expanding arrival and departure terminal space as well as their security checkpoints.
In addition to expanding the service of buses to the Kaunas downtown, Vilnius and other cities.

The Vilnius Tourist Information Centre has reported the alternatives to get to Vilnius from Kaunas airport during the works period.

Vilnius closed, official report


works in Kauna airport to operate during the period
Works in Kaunas airport for increased traffic.
Works in Kaunas for increase traffic due Vilnius closed
Current and temporary constructions in Kaunas Airport
Options to travel from Kaunas airport to Vilnius
Options to travel from Kaunas Airport to Vilnius