Airbus A330-900 taking off in ToulouseAirbus 

The Airbus A330-900 flies for first time

The airplane took off on Thursday from Blagnac Airport, in Toulouse in a four hours test flight.

The new Airbus A330-900 MSN1795 made its first flight in the southwest of France on Thursday, taking off at 09:51 local time and making a four-hour and thirteen-minute trip before returning to the same airport.

The test program requires the Airbus A330neo to register approximately 1,400 flight hours, including 1,100 hours for the A330-900 campaign, before obtaining type certification in mid-2018. Airbus expects to fly the smaller A330-800 for about 300 hours before obtaining homologation in 2019.

Airbus will use 3 certification aircraft to carry out the full A330neo family flight test campaign, plus a production aircraft to validate the updated Airspace cabin before it enters service with TAP Portugal, the first airline to receive the aircraft .

The A330neo was launched in July of 2014 and has several changes, such as the new Trent 7000 engine instead of the Rolls-Royce Trent 700 that uses the A330, and the presence of Sharklet wingtip devices. One benefit of these changes is the lower fuel consumption than its predecessors, about 14% less.

The -900neo series has three classes and 287 seats, the -800neo has a capacity of 257 seats. The range increases by about 200 nm in the largest variant, of 6350 nm in the A330-300 to 6,550 nm with the new -900neo, and 250 nm in the smaller alternative, rising from 7,250 nm in the A330-200 to 7,500 nm in the -800neo. Meanwhile, the fuselages have not changed.

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