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Air Moldova and Turkish Airlines sign codeshare agreement

European airlines signed the agreement that will allow greater connections to passengers traveling to or from Eastern Europe.

After a negotiation, airlines Air Moldova and Turkish Airlines signed a codeshare agreement that will allow the capital of Moldova, Chişinău, to connect with more than 300 destinations in more than 120 countries around the world.

The code share agreement will provide more flexibility and time when choosing the most convenient flight between Chişinău and Istanbul because the number of daily flights between both cities will increase to three, and passengers will be able to make connections at the Turkish Airlines airport base, Istanbul-Atatürk, with less waiting time.

Thanks to the strategic position of this last airport, in Turkey, Air Moldova passengers will have a wide range of options in destinations to which they can fly.

Meanwhile, the agreement positions Air Moldova as a major operator in the Eastern European market, opening new possibilities to connect Turkish passengers through its flight network.

Air Moldova is based at the Chişinău International Airport (KIV), from where it operates direct flights to 30 destinations such as Athens, Barcelona, ​​Bologna, Brussels, Bucharest, Dubai, Dublin, Florence, Frankfurt, Geneva, Istanbul, Larnaca, Lisbon , London, Krasnodar, Rome, Venice, Verona, Vienna, St. Petersburg and Turin. They are added to the seasonal destinations of: Antalya, Corfu, Tivat, Zakinthos and Sharm el-Sheikh.

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