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Air Europa will build its hangar in Madrid airport

The Spanish airline will build its own maintenance hangar at Madrid-Barajas Airport.

After a year of waiting due to the possibility that Iberia leaves to free a hangar at the airport in Madrid, fact that didn’t happen, Air Europa, the airline of Globalia, will start the construction of its own aircraft maintenance hangar.

The hangar will be located at Madrid-Barajas International Airport (MAD) near Terminal 1, on one side of the ramp 7 of the airport, and close to the amenities of Newrest and next to where the new DHL facilities be also located.

Hangar capacity is 140 metres of light, 81.5 meters deep and 35 meters of height, and may avail of the same time three aircraft type Boeing 787 or Airbus A330 or six Boeing 737; It Will have an inner surface of 11,410 square meters, and there will be an annex building for workshops, warehouses, laboratories and engineering offices of 9.000 square meters on two floors.

Other complementary works are the adaptation of aircraft platform, construction of roads and parking lots for vehicles on the landside of the hangar.

Globalia estimated an investment for the construction of the new hangar of about 30 million euros, the creation of 400 jobs, and an estimated time of work for 16 months.



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