Beluga XL under constructionAirbus Cargo Aircraft 

Advancing the construction of the first Beluga XL

The new Airbus Beluga XL, that began to be built by the end of 2016, takes form in the facilities of Toulouse.

On April 12, Aernnova delivered in Toulouse, France, three pannels that will form part of the rear section of the fuselage.A piece of future Beluga xl

On May 30, Stelia Aerospace delivered the section of the cockpit, and in last days, delivered also the first section of the new upper fuselage, with dimensions of 8 meters in length, diameter 9 and 8 in height, with a weight of 2.1 tons. This piece, due to its large size, was moved by a barge and trucks also used for the transport of the A380 parts.

Stelia will deliver in September the loading front gate with an area of 140 square meters, which will be anchored in this section now delivered.

The Airbus Beluga XL is a planned large transport aircraft based on the A330-200 airliner, and will have a capacity of 53 tons payload.

Beluga xl render

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