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2017 was the safest year in aviation history

In 2017 there were no deaths with large passenger aircraft compared to previous years.

The year that finishes determining marked encouraging figures with respect to the aeronautical security. With fewer fatalities than in 2016 and no major accident, it was the safest year in the history of aviation.

Although any loss of life is tragic, the number of deaths from air accidents in 2017 was the lowest in history, showing an encouraging outlook for an industry in constant growth.

The first major accident occurred in the month of July and involved a KC-130 military aircraft, which crashed in the state of Mississippi, United States, killing 16 soldiers of the Marine Corps.

Then, and only in the last quarter of the year, a series of accidents occurred with small aircraft. In October, an Antonov 26 belonging to the Valan International Cargo Charter crashed on the beach as it was about to land in Ivory Coast, killing four people.

A few days later, a Cessna 210N Centurion II fell on grounds of the Itaituba Airport, north of Brazil, killing the five occupants on board.

Meanwhile, also in the month of October, an Embraer E120 Brasilia turboprop aircraft flying as an air ambulance in Angola crashed when the crew lost control because of a failure in the engine, where the seven occupants were killed.

Later accidents occurred in Australia, where a seaplane crashed in mid-air near Sydney, killing its six occupants; And another in Costa Rica, when a Cessna Caravan with 12 people on board crashed into the jungle without leaving survivors.

Also in the last months of the year two accidents affected Russia, one in the Khabarovsk Krai where a Let L-410 fell to the ground killing 6 people, and a few weeks later, an Antonov An-2 crashed near Naryan Airport -Mar, leaving four dead.

In spite of the tragic deaths just mentioned, the Dutch aviation consultant To70 assured that no fatalities were registered in aircraft weighing more than 12,500 pounds, that is, in large passenger planes. Information that contrasts greatly with previous years, which witnessed great tragedies such as the disappearance in the Indian Ocean of the flight 370 of Malaysia Airlines, the crash of flight 9525 of Germanwings in the French Alps or the shooting down with a missile of flight 17 of Malaysia Airlines because of the war between Russia and Ukraine, all of them, tragedies where hundreds of people died.

Among the factors responsible for the increase in aviation safety in 2017 are the training of pilots and advanced equipment incorporated into aircraft, such as the main screen (HUD) and programs to prevent severe weather.

After these encouraging news, the challenge of the aviation industry will be to maintain and improve this achievement in the new year that has just begun.

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