15 airlines stopped flying to Venezuela in the last 5 years

Lack of passengers, economic debts and other problems are leaving the South American country increasingly isolated.

On February 3 a new airline joined the list of international companies that stopped flying to Venezuela, this is the Ecuadorian Tame, which made its last flight Caracas-Bogotá-Quito.

In the last 5 years some 15 airlines abandoned their operations in the country: Avianca, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Aerolineas Argentinas, Aeromexico, Air Canada, Alitalia, Dynamic Airways, GOL, Tiara Air, Lufthansa, Insel Air, LAN and TAM (these last two merged as Latam Airlines).

Most of them started reducing frequencies and after a certain time they totally suspended their services.

There are many factors that affect the commercial market in Venezuela, including the lack of passengers, economic debts and the inconveniences that airlines have when repatriating their profits.

Currently only Copa Airlines, Air Europa, Iberia and Air France are part of the small group of international airlines that continue to fly to Venezuela, although with a reduced frequency.

The crisis in the country also affects domestic airlines, the rates frozen by the government make many flights unprofitable and lead to huge economic losses. On the other hand, the inability to buy spare parts and components for the maintenance of aircraft, because the government does not allocate dollars for the industry, makes very few aircraft are flying today.

The airline companies and tour operators are keeping their hopes in the National Institute of Civil Aviation and the Ministry of Transport, which have held meetings and working tables, hoping for an improvement in the air situation in Venezuela.

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